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"Since 2004, EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE and I have opted to specialize in providing services for real estate investors, more particulary in connection with furnished rentals.
Registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants, we respect an ethical code and professional standards.
EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE is covered by professional liability insurance. There by guaranteeing you the seriousness, security and quality  you expect from a sworn professional.
In a continuous effort to satisfy all parties to an investment, we can, for example, collect VAT  every calendar quarter as and when payments are made, in particular, for offplan acquisitions financed exclusive of tax. We thus satisfy the common interest of property-builders and purchasers by handling refunds of tax credits.
In addition to making every effort to guarantee security and satisfaction to our customers and partners, we offer solutions at extremely low real costs.
Join us and benefit from the services of EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE, so that together we can garantee peace of mind your clients. "
Yves Bernard