You are Wealth Management Advisor

Conseiller en gestion de patrimoine

You guide your investor clients in their choice of property ...
... and you want to guarantee them satisfaction and security in the management of their assets.

You are as important to us as your customer!

EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE is committed to you.

  • EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE ensures your peace of mind and that of your clients.
  • EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE is the guarantee of confidence and security complementary to ing your expertise.

How is EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE’s role invested ?
We work in closeBy setting up a real collaboration with you, by committing ourselves committed to you in the long term, as being your single and preferred a unique and privileged contact interlocutor for all the your tax requirementsdeclarative obligations.

We provide annual collect VAT recovery every quarter for your clients during construction.
We take care of the registration formalities with the tax services as soon as the acquisition of a real estate investment product is signed.
We handle the book-keeping for carry out the accounting recording of all your investment transactions.
We certify the annual accounts of the your furnished rentals activitybusiness.
We prepare income tax returns.
We verify the correct application of the tax laws in force.

EXPERTIM FIDUCIAIRE allows you to continue to advise your clients efficiently and serenely.